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5 Best Online Animation Maker Services (Free and Paid)

Do you want to create animations easily? An online animation maker service is the solution. Here are the best online animation maker tools for you.

Remember these days when creating an animation required a high-configuration computer and specialized training? Back then, making a half-minute animation could take a few days. 

But today, thanks to the online animation maker and video presentation sites, you can create high-quality animation videos on the fly. Yes, you’ve heard that right. You don’t need an expensive computer or video maker software to create animations.

There are many cloud-based animation maker services. That means you don’t have to download any animation software locally. But, if you search the web, you’ll be confused about which one to use. 

Worry not, we’ve listed the best online animators and you can choose from the list below.

Renderforest – Best Online animation maker


The top spot goes to Renderforest, the most user-friendly online animation service. It’s easy to use and straightforward. Renderforest offers a range of features to create a professional animated video. 

This service lets you create a video using a preset or a template. Presets are purpose-oriented video templates. For example, you can use a preset to create a mobile app promo, or a social media agency intro, etc. 

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On the other hand, the templates are collections of various animated elements that you can use to create a video as you like. These animation styles are also called “toolkits”. Making a video tutorial? Probably you want to use their Explainer video toolkit to create the intro, outro, and inner clips.

Renderforest has a unique script-to-video converter feature. You’ll find it in some of its video toolkits. Just enter your video script into a toolkit’s script field and it will generate an animated clip based on the text. Then, if you want, you can edit and remove slides from the generated clip.

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You can try Renderforest’s free animation-making service. However, the free plan lets you export 360p clips with watermarks (1-minute each). It has both monthly and yearly payable plans. If you pay per month, the cost runs from $19.99 to $59.99 (up to Pro). If paid annually, the monthly cost is $6.99 to $19.99 (up to Pro). 

Biteable – Outstanding online animation maker


Need an online service to create an engaging marketing video or a dazzling intro? These are very friendly for your online conversion rate. Biteable can be a good choice for this. It provides lots of assets to create your animated video.

Biteable has high-quality animations, animated characters, stock video clips, and images. Just insert them into your video timeline and edit. For video clips, you can edit the text captions on them. This animated video maker lets you change animation color, position, and more.

If you’re looking for stock video clips, you can easily search and use them in Biteable. There are several animation collections as well. They look really good.

However, I missed the script-to-video feature. That would be a great addition to Biteable.

You can preview your video any time while editing. The free plan lets you download videos in 1080p with watermarks. If you want to use them professionally, you need to upgrade.

Biteable’s pricing plans are easy to choose. If you want to pay monthly, the cost ranges from $29 to $99 a month. If you pay for a full year at once, the monthly charge would be $19 to $49. 

Moovly – Awesome online animation maker


Want to quickly create a film using images, animations, and videos? Moovly deserves your attention. It has a rich studio interface where you’ll get lots of tools to create an outstanding animation or video online.

Moovly offers 3 ways to kick off creating a video. You can start with a blank canvas. It provides tons of images, icons, video clips, and so on to choose from.

It also offers several animation templates. These are styled for specific purposes. Some of the Moovly templates are Business, Education, Explainer, Marketing, etc. Using a template is just plug and play. You choose a template, edit/replace the inner content and export!

If you have a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Moovly can use that as a template and convert it into a video. Here’s how it works. You upload the PPT file to Moovly. It gets converted into a Moovly project. Each slide becomes a video clip. You can edit the content and styles using Moovly studio.

Moovly has a free plan that lets you create projects and preview them on the site. But, a paid plan is required to download a video. If you want to pay per month, the paid plans will cost from $49 to $99. For yearly contracts, the monthly fee becomes $24.92 to $49.92 (paid yearly at once).

Powtoon – Elite online animation maker


This online video and animation maker brands itself as a visual communication platform. Whatever may be your purpose with the video, Powtoon can serve it. 

Need a promotional video? Or an explainer? Maybe a rich presentation? Powtoon has got you covered. It’s an extremely rich multimedia platform where you will get animations, cartoons, video clips, audio clips, and more.

The workflow with Powtoon is not much different than the other similar services. But it has nailed the best way to offer a great user experience. 

You can either import your existing PowerPoint presentation, video, or image files or build a project from scratch.

While starting with a new project, Powtoon offers step-by-step options to achieve your purpose easily. First, it asks you to choose a video style. Each of these options has tons of templates. You can choose a template or add scenes/elements from the library.

Powtoon’s collection is incredibly stunning. Anyone with no design or technical expertise can create a professional video with Powtoon.

Now, let’s talk about the pricing. Powtoon offers a free plan where you can create videos in standard resolution but cannot download any file. You can share the watermarked video via their links. To download any file, you must get a paid plan.

Powtoon has 3 paid plans: Pro, Pro+, and Agency. If you go with a monthly payment scheme, the cost will be $89 and $197 for the Pro and Pro+ plans. The Agency plan doesn’t offer a monthly payment option.

In the yearly contract, you need to pay for 12 months at once. In that case, the plans will cost $19, $59, and $99 per month. 

Animaker – Flexible online animation maker


Searching for a more flexible online animation maker tool? Animaker can be your ideal choice. If you already know a thing or two about design or animation, you’ll find Animaker very helpful. It lets you customize almost every aspect of your video. 

Like all other online animation maker tools, Animaker also has a range of templates. Whatever may be your purpose, you can find a relevant template in Animaker. 

After choosing a template, you get lots of customization options on the editing screen. Besides granular level tweaks in the built-in assets, you can also create your custom character (some other services also offer this).

It doesn’t limit you to just animations. There are tons of stock images and video clips as well. Soundtracks, audio effects, video effects, dedicated backgrounds, and more options mean you get unlimited ways to polish your video.

Animaker has 3 pricing options: Basic, Starter, and Pro. The monthly contract will cost you $20/$35/$79 per month. If you choose to pay yearly, the monthly cost will be $10/$19/$39 (paid yearly). There’s also an Enterprise plan which requires contacting them to get the pricing.

So, these are our top picks for online animation maker services. Which one do you like most? I recommend first trying them all and then decide based on your purpose. Do let us know your thoughts!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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